Lifestyle Contractors makes interior design simple!

When it comes to designing your new home, you know what home features you like, but how do you pull them all together to create the look you want? You need an interior designer! When you work with Lifestyle Contractors, you also receive the services of Misty Reynolds, Lifestyle’s full-time, on-site interior designer.

“Every Lifestyle Contractors home has a standard features list,” Misty explains. “We sit down and go through the list and make choices on everything from door stops to siding, right in our design room.”

The overwhelming process of designing your new home, has been streamlined to a one-stop design room with Misty’s professional guidance, meaning you don’t have to go to multiple suppliers to make your choices. “Often times, we can settle on interior and exterior choices in just two sessions,” Misty says.

Can’t design your way out of a wet paper bag and want to be hands-off? No problem! Misty has the experience, expertise, and the knowledge of design trends to design the home of your dreams.

Learn more about Misty and the interior design services at Lifestyle Contractors here…

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